Once you duplicate my proven $39,545.04 per month system for ruthlessly dominating any niche online, you instantly become...


This rock solid system let's you do it in 3 swift moves:

Locate the most profitable niches full of hungry buyers just begging for someone to supply their demands...
Infiltrate the niche with a proven, paint-by-numbers marketing plan that quickly puts you in the Captain's chair...
Dominate the niche by creating intense customer loyalty and delivering the products buyers want most...

Repeat It Over And Over Again... In Any Niches You Choose... Producing Unlimited Streams of

(See incredible proof below)

You Can Dominate Your Niche And Become Untouchable Just 30 Days From Now —
If You Act Fast!


From: Chris Freville
Subject: The Money and Respect You Deserve


Dear Friend,

Do you know me?

My real name is Chris Freville, but it’s not the one I'm known by best.

That’s because I use several aliases in dozens of highly lucrative niches online.

Some of these niches are tiny, others are massive... and together they supply me with a steady stream of passive income that amounts to over $380,000 a year.

I’ll explain my reason for using aliases, and how you can easily “clone yourself” in the most profitable niches online in just a moment.

But here’s the most important thing for you to know right now:

“30 Days Into Any Niche Online...
I Own It—Completely.”

Once I get my hooks in, it’s as if I invented the niche and there’s no one else in there selling but me. And this doesn’t happen sometimes or once in a while... this is the case with every niche I enter.

Do other marketers try to knock me off?

Of course they do. The Internet money game is nothing if not competitive.

But, soon enough... usually after burning a pile of money hoping to muscle in on my territory with inferior tactics... they realize just how deeply infiltrated I am.

They find my footprints in places they never expected.  

Then it becomes clear: My system in impenetrable.

And I am... Untouchable.

If this sounds like bragging, then maybe it should. Because I have to tell you: No one ever got rich being timid.

I’m a nice guy, but when it comes to making money... it’s strictly business.

Here's the deal: whether you're looking to take your affiliate marketing to the next level...and finally get serious about making money online.

Or you just want a sure-fire plan for replacing your salary...and finally start living the life you truly desire...

...then this system was created for you.

See, some people - actually MOST people - are cool with earning just enough money to scrape by.

They call themselves “marketers”... but what they really do is spend hours of their own time and hundreds of their own dollars selling other people’s products.

They actually get excited over making 50% of the take in commissions.

That's not real marketing... that's just... hawking.

And here’s the part I truly can't understand...

If you’re going through all the trouble of setting up an affiliate campaign to make a few hundred bucks selling other people’s stuff... then...

“...why not spend the same energy making thousands --
or tens of thousands of dollars -- for yourself instead?”

Of course, most of the guys getting rich from you selling their products won’t appreciate me telling you this...

...but, the dead honest truth is:

“It’s Actually Easier To Create And Sell
Your Own Products, Than To Simply
Roll Over And Play Affiliate.”

I know this because I lived on the other side for too many years.

I thought affiliate marketing was all I’d ever need to make a good living online. And granted, it paid well enough for me to break free from my corporate rat cage...

...but stay in the affiliate game long enough, and you’ll soon covet the kind of money the big dogs are making by selling their own products. (Especially when you discover how easy it is to produce them!)

And you’ll ask yourself: Why am I putting all my faith in these other marketers to produce products just so I can take a slice? Who says I can't have the whole pie?

After all, if you've sold anything online...

  • You know how a launch works.
  • You know what motivates affiliates.
  • You know how to build a list and create a landing page.

So... why wouldn't you take it to the next level?

“I mean, is it me... or does keeping 100% of your money just make better sense than settling for half of someone else’s?”

Look... If doubling your income with zero extra effort on your part sounds like a better plan that what you’ve got going now... or even if you’ve yet to make your first dime online... then what I’m offering today is going to drastically improve the way your operate.

Listen, I know you get a lot mixed messages about what it really takes to get rich online...

But, spend the next 3 minutes devouring every word on this page, and I'll show you undeniable proof... that the simplest, quickest and easiest way... to make a massive income online... is by laser focusing on lucrative niches and becoming the ultimate “go-to” seller in any one you choose.

Here's the secret: Locating those golden niches that are guaranteed to pay you the largest stream of cash for the least amount of effort.

Wanna know the best part?

“There Are Far More Untapped Niches Online
Than There Are Marketers With The Savvy
To Rule Them.”

And once you put the Dominating Niches formula into action with one niche, duplicating the process is as simple as flipping a switch.

Now, you and I both know that to achieve true wealth you MUST create multiple streams of income. So, that's exactly what the Dominating Niches system helps you do. And you might be shocked by how easy it is...

...once you discover:

21 free resources for quickly discovering the most lucrative niches on the Net...
How to dominate the top 10 search results in any niche (this is now easier than ever, and you can do it without betting the farm on AdWords)...
My best kept secret for turning everyday Web browsing into an income producing “research mission”...
Why you’ll never run out of niche ideas -- the little-known website that lists every profitable niche and sub-niche there is and even ranks them for you...
The secret software that condenses all your discovery tools into a single toolbar and slashes your research time in half...
The simple 3 step formula for becoming King in any niche – even if you start out knowing nothing about the subject (and why that often can be better)...

The system doesn't only teach you what to do...but also what to avoid.

Things like...

Why sending visitors straight from Google to your affiliate site creates a DEATHTRAP for your sales (and why there is no “blackhat” way around it)...
How to avoid costly surprises by instantly gauging the level of competition you’ll face in any niche...
How much is too much to pay “per click”... I’ll show you the ten second rule for judging whether your budget can compete with the AdWord pirates...
The single most important factor that determines the value of a niche. It takes only seconds to learn, but can mean the difference between monster profits or just plain horror show...
You know niches need traffic to be viable. But do you know how to tell the buyers from the lurkers? I’ll show you the signs...

And that's just for starters.

Because right here on this page, I’m going to reveal the niche dominating master plan that allows you to quickly...

“Make Over Twice The Money With
Only Half The Effort!”

First though, let’s clean the slate on what's been holding you back.

Here's the reality of it: The reason why most affiliates never take the next logical step to true wealth as a product owner... is because they falsely believe that creating and selling their own product is:

  • Too risky...
  • Too difficult...
  • Too expensive... or
  • Too time consuming.

Please allow me to shatter those myths... and tear down the wall of fear and misconception that stands between you -- and the money you deserve to be making right now.

Let’s start with “Too risky.”

With the system I’ve perfected (through years of trial and error), you start by using common affiliate marketing tactics to “test the waters” in a niche.

This works best for 2 reasons:

1. It puts money in your pocket right out of the gate.

2. It shortens your learning curve and excels your earnings even faster.

The results of your simple affiliate campaign will quickly reveal whether the niche is lucrative enough to justify expanding your presence there. If it is, you follow a few more steps, and within 30 days – you’re in position to take over the niche entirely.

Either way, you win!

There's no such thing as wasting your time because if the niche doesn’t excite you, just leave the page up, feed it free traffic, and let your commissions stream in on autopilot.

Simple as that.

“OK, so it isn’t very risky, but I’m sure selling my own products is...

...way “Too difficult.”

I don’t know about you... but, to me...

Difficult is dragging yourself out of bed on a cold morning and driving to a job you hate.

Difficult is suffering a lay off when you have a mortgage, and bills, and hungry kids.

Difficult is growing too old to work but having no money to retire on.

That’s difficult!

Chatting online with customers in your niche to find out which products they would gleefully hand you money for - is not difficult.  At all.

But it is a major step towards never again dealing with the serious problems facing people who don’t learn to create wealth.

“Alright, maybe it isn’t that risky or difficult after all. But, I know damn well it’s...

“Too expensive...”

Actually, you can easily create the products yourself -- without spending a nickel.

My first products were all created by me alone, on my laptop. And that’s when I still had a fulltime job and 3 kids running around the house.

See, most of the products you’ll be selling are digital downloads... ebooks, audio files, videos... and all of those can be produced for free right on your computer.

People are producing entire films using the applications that come standard on some computers these days... so making a short screen capture video or editing an audio file is no sweat at all.

And as you’ll soon see, it’s information people really want—not a shiny package.

“Fine. So it isn’t risky... or difficult... or expensive... but you’ll never convince me that it isn’t...

“Too time consuming.”

As I mentioned, recording an interview with an expert, creating screen capture videos, or writing a short ebook on a subject you enjoy can easily be done in your spare time.

However, if you have no interest in technology - or just want it done super fast, you can get hundreds of quality freelancers outbidding each other for the chance to create your product.

All you do is post your job, look for someone with good work samples and take the lowest bidder. Poof!... Instant product.

You wouldn't mind making $40,000 per month for just that much effort, would you?

So, are we clear on how easy this is now? Because, the truth is: If you're letting fear and insecurity run your business, then no system in the world will help you make the money you deserve.

That’s just how it is.

Look... a lot of things can appear difficult and mysterious if you’ve never done them before...

Think about the first time you sat behind the wheel of a car.
Naturally, you were a bundle of nerves... there seemed like a million different things to remember... and you were positive you’d never maneuver that giant hunk of metal between those narrow yellow lines.

But you didn’t hesitate to jump in and try, did you?

That’s because learning to drive was your ticket to freedom.

It meant no more begging for rides... or getting “dropped off” places by your parents... or taking the bus to school.

Any insecurity you had about driving was dwarfed by your determination to finally be free!

And before you knew it, those narrow yellow lines seemed twice as wide. And that car responded to your commands with ease... like you’d been driving your entire life.


“Selling Your Own Simple Products Online Is
   Your Ticket To Financial Freedom...”

And learning to do it right is just as easy as learning to drive a car... and far less risky!

Plus, once you’re in motion, everything functions automatically... like an everyday drive to the market.

I'm so confident that anyone can duplicate my success with this system -- I'm guaranteeing it with my own money. And I'll even give you twice as much time as you'll need to make it happen!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I promised to explain why it's important to use aliases when entering different niches. And I always make good on my promises.

Here's The Inside Story On Cloning And Aliases:

The reason for using different aliases from niche to niche comes down to the
basic psychology that:

“You Cannot Be All Things To All People...”

Let me show you what I mean:

Think about the 5 people in your life you trust the most.

Now think about the last time you asked one of them to help you with a problem.

Do you know why you chose that particular person for help - rather than one of the other 5.

Here's what happened: Once you decided to seek help with your problem, you came up with a mental list of the people who would be willing to help you.

Then you quickly disqualified the ones you felt weren't experienced on the subject you needed help with... leaving you with a clear picture of the person you would seek help from.

This filtering process is a survival instinct developed to help us out of dangerous or complex situations quickly -- before the problem gets worse.

Our brains first developed this instinct back when man's problems had more to do with escaping wild beasts than creating e-mail accounts on our cell phones...

But the truth remains: We instinctively slot certain people - the one's we view as “experts” - to be our “go-to” helper in specific situations.

So, as marketers... even though it's fairly easy for us to sell ourselves as the “go-to” expert in any niche (I'll show you the shortcuts)...

...it goes against your prospect's natural brain function to view you as that expert on more than one subject.

That's why we create aliases for each new market.

It isn't about being deceptive... It's about being accepted.

If your products are good, and your service is responsive and fair, then...

“The Name Is What You Make It...”

The best way to help people...

Rich Marketer

...is to focus their attention on what THEY WANT to see from you...

Automotive Enthusiast

Get the picture?

Are you beginning to see the benefit dominating niches completely... rather than being just another “me too” marketer fighting for scraps in an overcrowded market like IM.

I spent years thinking I could stand-out in crowded markets if I just gave it time...

...but I ended up working harder than most just to snatch my fair share.

The real money began rolling in after I began marketing to a small niche that I found interesting. I actually never intended to market the niche... but the need for products was so obvious, I almost had no choice.

And I was shocked at how easy it was to tap into the hidden money stream of this obscure little niche. Back then, I could not have predicted how much money was hiding in this obscure little niche.

Soon I was making twice as much money from that one tiny niche (that I'd been visiting for fun)... than I did from fighting the masses on big product launches.

I quickly began duplicating the process in other niches.

“Each time, the buyers were happy to tell me exactly which products they'd buy... how often they'd buy them... and how much they would pay...”

Let me tell you: Settling into a cozy niche full of hungry buyers is like being handed a blank check to a limitless bank account.

That was the last time I ever bothered fighting the crowds for “low hanging fruit.” Why bother, when it's much easier to own the whole tree and eat from it all you like?

You'll be doing that and more once you discover ...


How to spot hot trends before they happen and cash in to the fullest (Jump on massive niches like Sudoku long before the competition!)...

5 golden rules for keeping your passion out of the way of your profits (The key is making your business pleasurable!)...
The little-known secret to choosing pen names that inspire trust and loyalty (plus my unique formula for creating easy to remember names)...
How to easily post traffic blasting audio and videos up in just minutes (employing this simple tactic takes thousands off the table and into your pocket)...
The sneaky secret that alerts to the hottest Internet trends by the hour – and how identifying them can mean long-term repeat sales for you...
Why you should never pay $1,000 for a domain name at auction -- and how you’ll dominate any niche just as quickly with a new or expired domain for a tiny fraction of that price...

My secret weapon for scooping up recently expired domains that thrust your site to the front of the SEO line in any niche you choose...

So far we've covered how Dominating Niches works and why it's so powerful. Now...

Let’s See The Money!

Pay close attention because this is the big picture of how quickly dominating niche markets can multiply your income.

Check it out:

Let's go just few months back to December 2008. I chose December because the holidays are a notoriously difficult time to get things done.

However, the Dominating Niches system requires very little attention - and is immune to market conditions.

Here's one of my niche accounts... it's similar to what any respectable affiliate marketer might see in their ClickBank account:

$9,269.64 in sales during the fiercely
competitive holiday shopping season...

There's worse ways to make money, sure. But,

“That's Only The Beginning
With Dominating Niches!”

A much better way to make money is by cloning yourself and compounding those earnings many time over.

Money pouring in almost every day... from niche...

...after niche... (note: same days, different streams of income)

...after niche...

Over and over again!

For a healthy $22,108.72
income in December!

But wait...

...those are just the autopilot niches.

Dominating Niches creates multiple streams of hands-free income, so I still had plenty of time to conduct a big niche product launch with affiliates:

Stuffing another $17, 443.32
into my stocking...

...for a one month total of:

Working just a few hours most days... Plus, time away for traveling during the holiday!

Now that's the way to wrap up a year!

And just in case your cautious nature has you wondering if December was a fluke...

...here's how Dominating Niches kicked off of 2009 (without me lifting a finger) ...

Still on Holiday....

One niche trickled in $2,678.08
over 4 days completely on autopilot.

Not bad... maybe I'll slack off the entire month.

Another $7,957.71 in January without
so much as writing an e-mail.

Loving your work, and being paid even while you're away—that's true freedom.


I need to make a critical point about the Dominating Niches system :

“This System Grants Niche-Dominating Power
To Anyone Who Uses It!”

Why is that so important?

Because too many marketers have one decent run and decide it's time to charge you hundreds of dollars to discover their “amazing secret.”

Dominating Niches combines the best strategies from my previous top sellers on list building, traffic secrets and affiliate marketing...

...I want you to hear from other marketers with different skill levels -- from the greenest beginner to the saltiest veteran -- about using the power of Dominating Niches...

x x

This is the best product I've ever used. It has made me a lot of money. I love Chris for being so brilliant. He's da man! Thanks!

Johnny Cash,
Clearwater, FL

This is the best product I've ever used. It has made me a lot of money. I love Chris for being so brilliant. He's da man! Thanks!

Johnny Cash,
Clearwater, FL

This is the best product I've ever used. It has made me a lot of money. I love Chris for being so brilliant. He's da man! Thanks!

Johnny Cash,
Clearwater, FL

x x
x x x x

Do you notice an important theme is those testimonials?

“Easy” ... “Fast” ... “Powerful” ... the Dominating Niches system was painstakingly designed to get you maximum results with as little time and effort as possible.

That's not an empty promise. And I'm not saying anyone deserves to get rich for doing nothing. But experience has taught me that the best way to help anyone succeed in making money online is to...

Keep The Process Simple And
Get The Money Rolling In Fast!

So now that...

You've discovered how Dominating Niches actually
You know why it creates multiple streams of autopilot income...
You've seen proof of the mighty money flow it creates on demand...

...let's take look at all you're getting!


It all starts with...

Dominating Niches
The Ultimate Guide To
Dominating Niches

No filler, fluff or philosophizing here... the guide is designed to teach by grabbing your attention and leading you through each lesson in quick fashion.

The guide will light your path and remain handy as a quick reference whenever you need a refresher on any lesson.

Other courses hand you just an eBook and send you on your way... but with Dominating Niches, it's only the beginning of all you'll discover.


The Dominating Niches
Quick Learning Video Series

10 fast moving videos, each building upon the previous lesson to make your learning easy and fun.

Each video instructs you on a task to implement so your lessons turn into results in no time flat.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

Video 6:

Video 7:

Video 8:

Video 9:

Video 10:

One more important point: This system hands you every tool you need to begin your niche marketing adventure in one instant download.

Other niche marketing systems force you to sign up to monthly programs where they bring you along slowly. Doing it that way can easily cost you a couple thousand dollars before you've even got a niche picked out!

But I know you're interested in making money -- not giving yours away. That's why I've included every single lesson, resource, tip, trick and tactic I've learned on the way to earning the Internet fortunes I enjoy today.

I've also consulted the best teachers I know who assisted me in presenting the material in a way that anyone can understand and implement quickly.

Bottom line: There is no reward in this endeavor for me - financially or otherwise - unless you achieve prosperity with the Dominating Niches system.

That's why I've decided to over-deliver even more by adding these...

2 Incredible Bonuses:

Untapped Niche Explorer
Exclusive Software

There are countless untapped niches on the Web, but without the proper tools, locating them can feel like scanning for coins on the ocean shore.

This exclusive software uncovers those hot overlooked niche markets that are just begging for someone to swoop in and become the “go-to” hero in their market.

I paid a programmer $1000 to develop this software to my exact specifications. Now, the once tedious process of spotting hidden gold mines on the Internet takes just minutes - and there's no limit to how often you can use it to strike gold!


Dominating Physical Niches
“How To” Handbook

What do I mean by “physical” niches?

I mean niches where physical goods are delivered to the buyer, which expands your options well beyond digital downloads alone.

Plus, operating in a physical niche is easier than ever with so many companies offering drop ship service.

That means you never hassle with storing, boxing or shipping products yourself... just supply the demand and the cash hits your hand!


The Ultimate Lifestyle!

Another great thing about niche marketing online is that it's a 24 hour market. Internet commerce never sleeps. So, no matter whether you work 9-5 or on a night shift. You choose your own schedule!

Here's what my “working” day consists of…

In the evening I spend about 45 minutes checking over my stats. I see which niches are liveliest, and I set up my traffic generators to respond AUTOMATICALLY. That's right, everything is set up to go on autopilot… so no frantically watching your accounts and being chained to the computer.

Some days I wake up late and find I've made the day's money while I slept.

In the morning I like to float around the Web a bit to see what the new trends are... maybe run the Untapped Niche Explorer software and see which new niches catch my eye. If I see something I like, I snatch up a domain name, and the game is on.

It's incredible when you unravel the sheer number of niches available ... fitness, diet and nutrition, weight loss, ovarian cancer, japanese puzzles, bonzai trees, health problems, sex tips, family matters, video games, military offences, government secrets, accountancy tax saving tips, dating and the great outdoors.

You choose what time of day you feel like working. All you need is access to a computer hooked up to the Internet… and you could be anywhere in the world, at any time… even sunning yourself on holiday!

I'm convinced, let me order now!

To be honest, I feel as if I haven't actually been to work in years. When you make this kind of money doing something you enjoy, there is no such thing as “a bad day at the office.”

Automated Cash Every Day!

Imagine coming home a few hundred, or even thousands of dollars richer each day… and it all happened while you were out. Your reward for putting hesitation aside and following my simple instructions on how to tap lucrative niches.

You could have been on the golf course or playing video games all day and still made money.

This isn't hype. Over a TRILLION dollars change hands online every year, can you think of one reason you should not be getting the biggest piece possible? And I'll show you how to quickly and easily make it happen in your spare time.

Keep your current job if you want, but chances are you'll get addicted to the freedom of your own schedule pretty quick.

I mean, that's what life's really about isn't it? Doing what you really want to. Time really is the most precious resource we have… that's what I cherish most and designed Dominating Niches with that focus in mind.

Grab Your Slice Of The Hugest
Money Pie On The Planet

Freville's Dominating Niches is nothing short of a predictable lifelong income if used correctly, so how do you put a value on that?

As you'll see clearly when you download your kit, I pride myself on delivering value for money. The price I decided upon in the end was $97.

There's no silly gimmick bonuses to beef up the package... what I've told you already should mean you don't need to be bribed with nonsense like that... I've only included the materials you NEED to tap into lucrative niches -- not a bunch of fluff to distract you.

I hope you'll see this as an investment in your future, so my aim is to get money in YOUR pocket as quickly as possible. There's no reason why you can't more than double your money within 30 days of receiving your kit and then use it as a perpetual ATM for you and your loved ones.

I'm fully convinced that once you see the first quick learning video you'll know you've reached a turning point in your life, so I want nothing to stand in the way of that…

See For Yourself At My Risk!

Now, I know firsthand this works and that it will work for you too. All you need to do is follow my simple instructions on your screen at home. I've taken immense time and trouble to construct a truly amazing visual course anyone can follow.

As I've said, this is the same exact system I use myself to rake in nearly $40,000 some months, and 5 figures every month like clockwork on virtual AUTOPILOT. So there's no question about whether this works or not!

However, I understand you might need a little reassurance and perhaps to test drive this for yourself first?

So here it is…

And remember, 60 days is not only enough time for you to actually test this out… it's enough time to locate, infiltrate and completely dominate two niches!

That's a potential lifetime of income just for following a few simple instructions!

So now you have absolutely nothing to lose. I want you to have total peace of mind by moving forward now to seize something which finally, is the answer to your prayers. The second you open the guide and play the first video you'll just know this is for real… your gut instinct is always right.

When you consider how other systems charge thousands of dollars to spoon feed you this information over several months, paying just $97 to get it all right now is a screaming bargain.

But, because I'm anxious for you to make your way over the marketing mountain to where the true money is... I'm going to make it even more irresistible...

...by knocking the price down to only $77!

This is the opportunity you've been waiting for... the one that will boost you to the next level of elite marketers... and free you forever from serving “the man”... but only if you act now!

Yes, Chris! I want to receive my instant download of Dominating Niches right now!

I understand I'm getting the info-packed manual, the 10 quick learning videos, PLUS the incredible Untapped Niche Explorer software (not available anywhere for any price) and the exclusive Dominating Physical Niches Handbook. All for just one low payment of $77!

I also understand that I am 100% free of risk under your 60 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee. If this system does what it says, I'll be at least double my money during the guarantee period. If it doesn't, for any reason, I will receive a full refund.

So, let's do this!

Make Me Untouchable
In My Niche Right Now!


Get ready for the good life!


Chris Freville
The Niche Dominator

P.S. On the easy-to-follow videos I'll show you every simple step to dominating your niche completely within 30 days. I've held nothing back. You're getting every closely-guarded resource, every insider secret, and every hard-won shortcut to tapping the most lucrative niches and making them your own.

P.P.S. Other niche marketing systems want to baby-step you along and suck more fees out of you. I know you want to MAKE money, not give it away. Dominating Niches was skillfully designed with your quick success in mind. Everything is included in your instant download. And of course, the risk is all on me with my 60 day 100% money-back guarantee!